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Can I cancel my order/return my item?

All sales are final. If you would like to cancel an order, it must be done within 2 hours of purchase because all orders begin the fulfillment process within the first 6 hours, and once the process begins it is too late to be stopped. As for returns, returns are only accepted if you receive a defective/faulty item. If this is the case, please reach out to with photos/proof of the defect within 48 hours of receiving the product, and we will work on resolving the issue. In most cases a replacement will just be shipped out. Please note defects do not guarantee a return/replacement. For more information please check the "Return and Refund Policies" page.



Why do I have to pay for shipping if I want to sign up?

We as a company have to guard ourselves against getting scammed. We take a risk by giving away items for free so as a compromise we ask for the opposing party to pay a small fee.

I am unable to pay for the shipping, can I still sign up?

Please Contact Us through our various contact methods and tell us the reason. We may find a solution to work around this.

Can I make the video in another language?

Yes, you are allowed to make the video in another language.